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Start, Stop or Transfer Service

Changing the status of your Utility services is easy. Please see the instructions below to start, stop or transfer Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU) services.

Irrigation Service

Activating or deactivating your existing irrigation account is simple. You can complete it without contacting EWSU Customer Service. Complete and submit the irrigation service form.

You may deactivate the irrigation account and stop billing during months when the irrigation system is not in use, and reactivate the account when you are ready to use your irrigation system again. To reactivate, simply complete the form again. A deposit is added to the account on the first month’s bill after activation, and is reimbursed to you on the last bill of the season.

Start Service

If you are moving and want to establish a new Utility account, please complete and submit the move-in service form.

If you are a renter or tenant, you will be asked to upload your lease agreement or a photo of your lease agreement. A Customer Service representative will contact you if additional information is needed.

Stop Service 

Stopping service is easy. Complete and submit the move-out service form. A Customer Service representative may contact you if more information is needed.

Transfer Service

Property Owners

If you are an existing EWSU customer who is purchasing a property serviced by the Utility, complete the transfer service form.

Renters & Tenants

To transfer EWSU services as a renter or tenant, complete the transfer service form, which requires uploading a copy of your lease agreement.

Split Meter Service

If you use a sprinkler system (irrigation system), own a swimming pool or water your lawn regularly and want to avoid increased sewer charges, you may apply for split meter service

The water diverted through the split meter will not be assessed a sewer fee; however, the split meter service fee includes costs for the second meter, inspection of the installation and application processing. You will be assessed the standard base water rate for split service. 

To apply for split meter service, fill out the split service application. Customer Service will email you a link, where the one-time fee may be paid. 

Learn more about the split meter application process.

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