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Take these easy steps to update your account before March 1

Evansville Water and Sewer Utility is upgrading our payment system to enhance your experience. Any payment methods currently stored on your account, including bank accounts or credit cards, will be automatically removed on Monday, February 7. We ask that customers who are enrolled in Auto Pay or have stored payment information online for one-time or recurring payments update their payment information and account preferences before March 1 to avoid payment disruption. The one-time update is quick and easy.

How do I update my account?

Follow these steps to update payment information:

  1. Log in to your account on the Mywater app or Mywater portal on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Once logged in, click the My Account icon, then click Payment Information and re-enter your credit card or bank account information.
  3. Save your updated information.

Continue with these steps to enroll in Auto Pay:

  1. Click on the Billing module and select the Auto Pay tab.
  2. Select your preferred payment method.
  3. Review the terms & conditions, agree and click “Enroll”.

What happens if I don’t update my information?

Any payments stored on your account prior to February 7 will be automatically removed and there will be no payment information on your account to pay your bill. If you do not re-enroll in Auto Pay before March 1, your next bill will not be paid automatically.

If payment on your next bill is not processed, or if you have questions about the system upgrade and steps you need to take, please visit or call 812-436-7846. We are happy to help worth this update and work with you on payment processing issues. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to better serve you.