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EWSU Sunrise Pump Station Receive Honor at 2023 Aim Ideas Summit

The Winnecke Administration received two major awards for the City of Evansville at the 2023 Accelerated Indiana Municipalities (Aim) Ideas Summit this week.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke was honored with the Russell G. Lloyd Distinguished Service Award, named in memory of former Evansville Mayor Russell G. Lloyd, Sr.

Nominees for this award are assessed on various criteria, including dedication to public service, leadership qualities, personal initiative, and contributions to Aim.

Upon receiving the award, Mayor Winnecke said, “First, I'd like to thank my wife, Carol. Without her unwavering support and guidance, I wouldn't be where I am today. She has always been my rock. This award isn’t just a recognition of my tenure as the mayor of Evansville; it symbolizes the hard work of our remarkable leadership team, staff, and community partners who consistently strive to elevate our city as a leading destination to live, work, and play. Our journey in local government goes beyond providing city government services. It’s a commitment to envision a brighter future for all.”

EWSU Wins Community Placemaking Award

Adding to the city's accolades, the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU) proudly announced its win of the 2023 Aim Community Placemaking Award for the transformative Sunrise Pump Station and Cascade project.

The Sunrise Pump Station and Cascade is an initiative designed to address the Clean Drinking Water Act's mandate, redirecting up to 40 million gallons of treated effluent daily from the East Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Ohio River. Launched in 2011 and completed in 2023, the 11-acre project not only addresses environmental and health concerns but also enhances the city's downtown area, incorporating a cascade system over the levee and offering recreational spaces.

The project is an example of Evansville's commitment to innovation, community engagement, and sustainable development.

“The Sunrise Pump Station and Cascade demonstrate how environmental solutions can coexist with community spaces, transforming utility sites into sought-after downtown destinations,” said Evansville Water and Sewer Utility Executive Director Lane Young. “It’s an example of what we can achieve when we come together as a community.”

Throughout the Winnecke Administration, the City of Evansville has garnered multiple Aim awards for innovative projects, including the North Main Streetscape, the Climate Action Plan, and the Reopen Evansville Task Force initiative.