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Renew Evansville

Renew Evansville is the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility’s 25-year plan to improve our city’s sewer system, ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act of 1972, and eliminate almost all combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

Evansville currently captures approximately 35 percent of wet-weather flow and averages 50 overflows each year. Renew Evansville’s projects will help capture 98 percent of that flow and result in no more than four overflows a year.

Renew Evansville includes:

  • Dramatic upgrades to existing infrastructure.
  • The construction of new infrastructure.
  • Sustainable and “green” infrastructure solutions.
  • Improvements to the Utility’s operations and maintenance.

To-date, the Utility has completed significant maintenance and several major system improvements, including:

  • Completing the North Park sewer rehabilitation project.
  • Cleaning the Pigeon Creek interceptor.
  • Constructing a 6 million gallon equalization basin at the West Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Building a 45,410-square-foot pump station with a laboratory at the East Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Expanding both wastewater facilities.

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