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Hydrant Meters & Readings

Temporary Fire Hydrant Meter Details 

Companies that require a temporary source of water from a public fire hydrant must submit a hydrant meter application. A temporary fire hydrant meter may only be used at various predetermined locations throughout the City of Evansville to provide non-potable water for construction, water trucks, street cleaning, sewer flushing, landscaping and other pre-approved uses. A fire hydrant meter will not be issued to residential customers who require a source of potable drinking water.

Temporary Fire Hydrant Meter Application Form

Complete the hydrant meter application form to apply for a hydrant meter. An Evansville Water and Sewer Utility customer service representative will contact you to collect a deposit and schedule the meter for pickup. 

Deposit details are available on the initial application. Hydrant meters will only be issued after an application and all applicable fees have been received. The meter may be picked up by a licensed plumber from the Meter Department Office at 1931 Allens Lane. 

For questions or to talk with a customer service representative, call 812-436-7846 Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Temporary Fire Hydrant Meter Reading

For your fire hydrant meter reading, please take these steps between the 1st and 15th of each month: 

  • Complete the entire hydrant meter reading form and upload a photo of the meter face with reading as well as a photo of the lid with the meter number.  

In January and July of each year, the meter must be taken to the Meter Department Office at 1931 Allens Lane for inspection. Reads can still be submitted during these two months via the website. 

The fire hydrant meter will be retained if the meter is not read based on the schedule, and the customer will be assessed an incremental fee as follows:

  • 1st occurrence of the year - 10% of the deposit amount
  • 2nd occurrence of the year - 25% of the deposit amount
  • 3rd occurrence of the year - 50% of the deposit amount

Fees must be paid before the meter is released back to the customer.