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Payment Assistance

Community Payment Assistance Programs

If you need assistance with paying your rent or utility bills, help may be available through various community programs. Many churches, charities, and service organizations, independent of EWSU programs, offer support and want to help.

For questions about any of these programs, please visit to send your questions to Customer Service or call 812-436-7846.

Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance (IERA) program is designed to decrease evictions, increase housing stability, and prevent homelessness.

Help for Tenants

IERA can provide eligible renters with up to 12 months of utility assistance, including bills that are past due.

Help for Landlords

Landlords may encourage renters to apply for assistance through the IERA program. Landlords are encouraged to:

  • Speak with renters who have fallen behind on their rent. Encourage them to visit to learn about the IERA program.
  • Offer to help tenants apply for the program.
  • Email with any questions.

Other Local Agencies Offering Assistance

If you are behind on your utility bill, there are several other local charities you may contact for help.

  • Community Action Program of Evansville: 401 SE 6th Street  812-492-3941
  • Water & Energy Assistance: Program information here: CAPE
  • Catholic Charities: 2111 Stringtown Road  812-423-5456
  • Mission of Grace: 418 E. Gum Street  812-464-2919
  • Outreach Ministries: 734 W.Delaware Street  812-464-1025
  • St. Vincent de Paul: 809 N. Lafayette Street  812-425-3485
  • HOPE of Evansville: 612 SE 4th Street  812-423-3169 ext. 105 

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