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Water Resource & Recovery

Water Resource & Recovery

Water is one of our most valuable resources. It is used daily for bathing, cooking, cleaning, recreation, fire protection and more. 

Each day, the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU) draws and treats 25 million gallons of water from the Ohio River for nearly 200,000 people in Vanderburgh County and parts of Gibson, Posey and Warrick counties.  The Utility’s system includes nearly 1,000 miles of water main lines, 6,000 fire hydrants and eight storage tanks.

Water Treatment 

To ensure tap water is safe to drink and use, EWSU’s two treatment plants filter, treat and test water to ensure the quality meets or exceeds all federal and state water quality standards. Modern-day water treatment plants are truly water resource recovery facilities whose jobs are to treat wastewater and deliver clean drinking water to the community. 

Many water treatment facilities, pipes and related infrastructure in cities around the country are approaching the end of their expected service life.

In Evansville, the Waterworks Road water treatment plant has reached the end of its useful life. It was built more than 125 years ago, when the area’s demands for water were far less. The increased demand for water has grown alongside the area’s residential and commercial growth. EWSU has proposed construction of a new water treatment plant and filed a case to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission for a water rate increase to fund the new water treatment plant and related planning and development.  

Aeration basin at the wastewater treatment plant

Water Quality and Safety

Keeping your water safe for cooking, bathing and other household uses is the Utility’s top priority. Learn more about EWSU’s efforts to test and treat your water. 

Customer Rights and Responsibilities

EWSU is responsible for the portion of the service line from the water main to the Utility’s shut-off valve (called a stop valve), as well as the water meter itself. You, the customer, are responsible for the water service line or “pipe” from your home or business to the Utility’s stop valve, located near your property line. You are also responsible for any damage to the meter or meter pit that results from inattention.

Learn more in the Water Customers' Rights & Responsibilities.

Backflow Inspection and Testing

Backflow occurs when the flow of water reverses and pulls or pushes potential contaminants into the drinking water supply. Learn more about EWSU’s backflow inspection and testing guidelines

Temporary Chlorine Changes

EWSU temporarily changes the disinfectant used in the water treatment process to help keep water mains clean and free of potentially harmful bacteria. Learn more about how the Utility treats your water

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