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Understanding My Bill

Your monthly Utility bill is based on your water usage, which varies from month to month and is the largest factor in your bill. To help you better understand your EWSU bill, we have provided details about each section below.

How 100-Gallon Billing Works

You are billed for every 100 gallons of water you use. Any remaining gallons are carried over to the next month’s bill. Billing in 100-gallon increments provides a more predictable and accurate bill. While your bill amount may vary from month to month, the difference should be small. 

1. Account Information

Your account number, the bill number, the payment due date and the bill total

2. Billing Period

The exact time period for which you've been billed, plus the payment due date

3. Billing Summary

Your previous and current balance, including service charges and taxes. For more information about your charges, you can also view EWSU's Water Rates and Fees and Sewer Rates and Fees.

4. Meter Readings

Your current water usage and the difference from the previous month

5. Usage History

Your water usage over the past 12 months

6. Message Center

Useful, timely information for EWSU customers

7. Service Address

Location receiving water service

100-gallon Billing.

Bill Calculator

To learn more about how your bill is calculated, visit our bill calculator

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