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Connections & Extensions

The Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU) is here to help you connect to the City's water and sewer lines. If you are a contractor or developer and have questions about water and sewer connections and extensions, email And learn more about rates and fees for meter deposit requirements

Residential New Water & Sewer Tap Request

Residential customers requesting a water and/or sewer tap have the responsibility of complying with the following:

Commercial New Water & Sewer Tap Requests

Commercial customers requesting a water and/or sewer tap are responsible for complying with the following:

Approved Vendors for Taps

Fees and Rates

EWSU water and sewer rates are based on the long-term needs of our community. Water rates are set by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. Sewer rates are set by the Evansville City Council. Learn more about current water rates and sewer rates for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

EWSU Tap Costs and Fees



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