Workflow Evansville

New Meter Installation

Requesting a New Meter

Contractors initiate the meter installation process. Once all connection fees have been paid and water inspections are completed, the contractor completes the new meter request form.

An Evansville Water and Sewer Utility Customer Service representative will follow up after the application is received.

Meter Installation

Contractors are responsible for setting up a time to meet with Utility personnel to set the meter and ensure that plumbing has been properly connected. Before a new meter is installed, it is necessary that inspections are complete and all fees are paid. Learn more about meter connection fees

Split Meter Service

Customers who use a sprinkler system (irrigation system), own a swimming pool or water their lawn regularly, may apply for split meter service to avoid increased sewer charges.

The water diverted through the split meter will not be assessed a sewer fee; however, the split meter service fee includes costs for the second meter, inspection of the installation and application processing. Customers will be assessed the standard base water rate for split service. Learn more about split service

Reach Out With Questions

For more information about installing a new meter, contact Customer Service at 812-436-7846.