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Clear Path

In between homes and buildings across Evansville, hundreds of miles of sewer lines lie far below ground. Clear Path is the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility’s (EWSU’s) program to educate residents about sewer inspections and cleanings, and the importance of ensuring that utility easements are clear so crews can access the sewer system. 

What is Clear Path?

Clear Path Requirements

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires EWSU to inspect 75 miles of sewer lines and manholes each year. About 30 percent of access points to sewer lines lie in easements. Unfortunately, many easements (water and sewer access points) throughout the service area are blocked by plants, fences, pools and even buildings, making these efforts nearly impossible for EWSU crews.

Clear easements provide Utility crews with safe, immediate access to our system for routine inspections and maintenance. They are also essential for quick response to emergencies, such as sewer backups, which may be a public health hazard.

Resident Responsibilities 

Property owners should reference their property’s deed to locate easements. If you do not know if you have an easement on your property or do not have a copy of your property deed, visit the Vanderburgh County Recorder’s Office.

If you are blocking a manhole or easement, please remove the obstacle. These obstacles may range from plants and flowers to swimming pools and sheds. Please keep in mind that the Utility’s equipment includes large trucks, so allow plenty of space around the easement. 

If you have any questions about an easement or about an obstruction in an easement, please visit or call 812-436-7846.