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Enhanced Bill Assistance Program Offers EWSU Customers Choice: $1,000 in Small Plumbing Repairs or $30 Monthly Credit

Evansville Water and Sewer Utility (EWSU) customers who qualify for bill assistance now have two options to save on their water bill: Chose to receive up to $1,000 in plumbing repairs or updates made by a certified professional through the Leak Repair Program or a $30 monthly credit on their EWSU bill through the Bill Relief Program. The Leak Repair Program option is designed to reduce water usage and save more money over time.

Starting July 15, customers may sign up for the new Leak Repair Program and receive up to $1,000 in small repairs to their home water system, including a water-efficient toilet or plumbing fixtures. Or, they can choose the Bill Relief Credit, which will triple, from $10 a month to $30 a month. That means City residential water customers who have active water service and are income-eligible to receive the credit will save up to $360 a year on their water bill.

Who’s Eligible

To participate in the Leak Repair Program, EWSU City residential customers must have active water service and a household income that qualified as low-income based on HUD federal guidelines. To be eligible for the Bill Relief Program, City residential customers with active water service must have a combined annual household income of $50,000 or less.

How The Program Works

To apply for the Leak Repair Program, visit to fill out and submit an application form. EWSU will email you to confirm the application was received and will forward the application to Memorial Community Development Corporation (MCDC) to review your financial status and coordinate a home visit assessment with a plumbing contractor through MCDC’s emergency repair program. If needed repairs exceed the money allotted, MCDC will refer customers to other agency repair programs in the community. Customers must meet the requirements of each agency.

To apply for the Bill Relief Program, visit to fill out and submit an application form. EWSU will email you to confirm the application was received and whether your request was approved or denied.

Funding for The Program

In 2022, the City of Evansville allotted $4 million in federal funds from the American Rescue Plan, received during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide direct relief to income-qualified EWSU customers to lighten the cost of their utility bill. The Leak Repair and Bill Relief programs leverage this funding and will be offered through the end of 2026 or until funding is depleted.

Approximately 3,000 applications have been received since the Bill Relief Program launched in 2022; however, EWSU estimates more than 20,000 households could qualify for aid. To learn more, visit